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Hi, I’m Daniel — Georgian by birth, Texan by conditioning, and Narnian somewhere in my heart.

I care about clarity and ideas. And the way ideas are communicated best is through stories. So I care about stories — mostly fantasy and science fiction and superhero stuff — and I try to write them. I’m nearly always examining stories, studying them, criticizing them, praising them, and trying to figure out why the good ones are good and the other ones aren’t.

Some people think I write well enough to publish the things I say about culture and faith and other people’s stories. 

After meddling for years in podcast production, independent publishing, and web design (got a degree in that), I’m pursuing my master’s degree in Mass Communication & Journalism.

I enjoy reading great essays, books, and poetry, and writing stuff I hope will be. I also enjoy listening to good music, but you’ll never hear me sing.

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