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‘Barbie’ as Portal Fantasy—and What That Means for Greta Gerwig’s Narnia Adaptation

Do a Google search for “Greta Gerwig Narnia” and you’ll quickly find the corner of the internet that thinks the Barbie director is the worst thing to happen to C.S. Lewis’s beloved fantasy series. “Gerwig directing Narnia is a colossal mistake,” one reviewer says. Scamper over to Reddit, and you’ll find that perspective heightened by eleven. We don’t…

No Dust on Me

“His Dark Materials” reflects our deeply questioning age as it persistently probes moral, ethical, philosophical, and theological dilemmas.

The Clique of Heaven

The decision to say “yes” has stretched me. Uncomfortably at times, yes, but each expansion revealed new discoveries about who I am.

Those Who Read vs. Those Who Watch

Early this year, after watching Amazon’s adaptation of Wheel of Time (among other things), I began wondering if a (moving) picture is really worth a thousand words. The articles linked below are the result of the research I collected and analyzed during that time. Instead of determining whether television and film can do justice to…

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