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The Clique of Heaven

The decision to say “yes” has stretched me. Uncomfortably at times, yes, but each expansion revealed new discoveries about who I am.

“I, Myself, Will Go Down With You”

At the beginning of 2021, my One Year Chronological Bible Reading Plan had me in the throes of Joseph’s story—after more than twenty years believing his son was dead, Jacob, the Hebrew patriarch, learned Joseph was actually alive. In his frail, old age, Jacob faced the startling proposition to leave Canaan, the land he’d known…

The Church Failed Jon Steingard, and It’s Failing Your Kids Too

Last month, Jon Steingard, lead vocalist for the Christian rock band Hawk Nelson, revealed that he no longer believes in God. His revelation is the latest in a long line of well-known individuals who have publicly walked away from the Christian faith. Not to mention the even longer line of those raised in the Church…

“I Might Do This Forever”

I was listening to Trip Lee’s song “Forever” recently, and it got me thinking… What will we be doing in Heaven? In the New Earth? Most of us probably have some vague idea about tending to the remade Garden of Eden. Or worse, floating on clouds and playing harps for eternity. (I mean, it’s better…

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