Does the Commentary Class Know that Multiple Things Can Be True at the Same Time?

On the strange “either/or”-ism in the wake of George Floyd’s murder It’s been over a week since George Floyd was senselessly killed by (now former) Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Despite the lockdown and social distancing measures invariably enforced around the globe, protests sprang up in Floyd’s community and in over 100 cities worldwide. Riots, looting, and vandalism also…

The Enduring Legacy of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Published in Speculative Faith on May 20, 2020. It’s almost a miracle that Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is returning for a seventh season on May 27. A little over a year after The Avengers brought together “Earth’s mightiest heroes” in 2012, cementing the launch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that had begun in 2008, this little show began…

The Second Coming of Purity Ring

WOMB delivers a complex spiritual reflection for today’s distant world The electro-pop band, Purity Ring, might not be a household name, partly because the two-member act’s overwhelming sound and often gory lyrics don’t subscribe to the modern majority’s palette of musical taste. But, after a five-year hiatus since their sophomore album Another Eternity, writer/vocalist Megan James and…

“You’re Just a Clown”

What IT: Chapter Two Teaches Us About Defeating the Devil SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers from IT: Chapter Two. Read at your own risk. IT: Chapter Two finds seven childhood friends reuniting after 27 years to face off against an enemy that has returned to terrorize their hometown. The film, while offering up plenty…

Christian Teens and Social Media: Positive Stats You Should Know

This article was published in Church Leaders on July 10, 2019. Last month, actress and singer Selena Gomez confessed that she is “scared” by what she sees as the exposure of young girls and boys on Instagram and other social media platforms. Speaking at the Cannes Film Festival, she said, “for my generation, specifically, social…

Why Batman Can’t Save Gotham

This article was published at Speculative Faith on January 25, 2019. What Gotham needs is not a dark knight, but a hero who operates by a different code. Fox’s Batman origin series, Gotham, has returned for its fifth and final season. The show features a bevy of proto-villains from the future Dark Knight’s Rogues Gallery—Poison…

A Revolt Against Death

This article was published in Fathom Magazine’s 23rd issue, “Death,” on November 19, 2018.

(Artwork by reddit user mikronaut.)

We are becoming far too familiar with the stranger of death.

There are some things that we should neither like nor accept. Death is such a thing. Yet, it feels like our society is becoming complacent toward death. And not just complacent—accepting, embracing even.

The Diverse Kingdom: Growing Inclusion in SFF Publishing is a Small Fulfillment of God’s Plan

A version of this article was published in Speculative Faith on December 7, 2018, under the title, “Growing Diversity in Fantasy Genres Gives Us Hints of Eternity.”

The Broken Earth trilogy, by N.K. Jemisin
The Broken Earth trilogy, by N.K. Jemisin

By definition, science fiction and fantasy are unique among literary genres because of the presence of a wide range of diverse characters and people groups. Certainly, many are fictional (as far as we know)—Vulcans, Calormenes, sentient droids. Certainly, many portrayals, such as that of female characters and Native Americans, have been fetishized and over-troped. But, like much of the world, science fiction and fantasy are growing up, growing wiser, and embracing the stories of traditionally marginalized people groups. Some might say SFF is ahead of the curve.

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